Limited Scope Legal Services

Also called "Pay by the hour legal services" or "Pay as you need"

Pay only for those services you need!  I can offer low hourly rates to help with the following legal services:  

1.  Legal advice at my office, or by telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail; 

2.  Advice about availability of alternative means to resolving your case; 

3.  Guidance and procedural information for filing or service of documents;

4. Review of correspondence or court documents;

5.  Prepare and/or suggest documents to be prepared;

6.  Legal research and analysis;

7.  Discovery: interrogatories, depositions, requests for production, etc.;

8.  Planning for negotiations, including simulated legal role playing;

9.  Planning for client’s court appearances, including simulated legal role playing;  

10. Trial preparation:  help with examination of witnesses and presenting evidence.


See the Fee Agreement in the "Forms" section.