General Forms

(These are the forms you will need for us to draft any necessary pleadings). PLEASE DO NOT SEND BACK BY E-MAIL ANY SPECIFIC IDENTITY INFORMATION, SUCH AS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.

1. Please fill out the Initial Client Questionnaire Form Attached to aid in the initial pleadings process. (DOWNLOAD); For Paternity:  (DOWNLOAD)

2. Please fill out the long form financial affidavit to the best of your ability - please read the directions carefully. I will go over the draft with you in detail before you swear to its truth. (DOWNLOAD)

3. If you have children, please fill out the UCCJEA - just list where the child(ren) has/have lived for the past 5 years - use months and years and if you do not remember a specific address, just do the best you can. (DOWNLOAD)

4. Review the mandatory disclosure and gather the necessary forms at the very least. For the "last 3 months", take the current month and go back 3 months (for example, if it is November then if you have recent November paystubs or bank statements then also go back to October, September, and August. (DOWNLOAD)

5. If you have children, please review the parenting course classes that you must take. The sooner, the better.  (DOWNLOAD)


           FEE AGREEMENTS (examples, as they are customized to client)

        1.  For the Pay By hour Legal Services.  (DOWNLOAD)

 2.  For Collaborative Law. (DOWNLOAD)



1.   Particpation Agreement - No Children.  (DOWNLOAD)

2.   Participation Agreement - Children (DOWNLOAD)