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    Collaborative Family Law Saving Families One at a Time

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Pay only for the help that you need

Sliding scale fees based on income - $150.00 to $200.00 per hour

Veterans - special pricing - $150.00 per hour

Collaborative Law Services

Alternative Legal Resolutions

Mrs. Jensen provides alternative legal resolution services in family law matters.  Usually, family legal services begins with a spouse filing a lawsuit or a motion to take his/her family matters to a judge in a courtroom. Altenative legal resolutions can include collaborative law, cooperative negotiations with our without a mediator, kitchen table divorces, and legal coaching.

Collaborative Law provides a family or couple with a dignified, discreet and cost-effective divorce or paternity or post judgment matter.  A family or couple hires a professional team to work with them through their family law matter.   There are different models for the team. The process is dignified because the attorneys work together and pledge not to go to court.  The process is discreet because your financial affidavits and agreements are kept confidential (for families that do not have minor children), as opposed to the traditional process, whereby, they are available for public viewing on the Clerk's website. The process is cost-effective because the attorneys are not gaining fees through courtroom battles and the professionals are being paid for their own services, as opposed to the traditional paying of attorneys to do the jobs of the other professionals.   

Mrs. Jensen also provides for "unbundled legal services", which are also called "limited scope legal services".  These services provide clients whom cannot afford to hire an attorneys, or a clients who do just do not want to hire an attorney to handle their case.  These legal services can provides for education, coaching, help with forms, and preparation for court.  These services are offered at a reduced hourly fee.  The fees are from $150.00 per hour to $200.00 per hour based on income and asset levels  These fees are at a reduced rate from the normal hourly rate of Mrs. Jensen's litigation practice.     

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